Frequently asked Questions…

If photography is very important to you, you will want to book as early as possible – even if your date is not in one the busy periods. As soon as you have an idea of the date of your wedding give us a call as we often get many requests for the same wedding date.
Yes we do! Have our look in our ‘Seasonal Specials’ area for the details.
Not only can you make your own package… we encourage everyone of our couples to make their own package.
We believe that along with different styles of weddings and photographs comes different couples and their needs. Some photographers insist on a minimum number of hours, an album or wall portrait… but what happens if you don’t want that or it is way outside of your budget?

We have come up with a simple way for us to work with you, to piece together something that you will actually want and love for your wedding day!
Have a look in our ‘price guide’ to get an idea or email for a full price list.

We have all heard the saying “a picture tells a thousand words” so we love to see examples of photos you like as this helps us to visualise how you see your wedding and to get to know subtle nuances about your taste and style that words sometimes cant discover.
Firstly, we will mention that with 82 years between the 3 of us photographers this has only ever happened 3 times! Having said that, one of the biggest benefits of booking Gainsborough Studio is that although there are 3 fully-qualified photographers here… only 2 are ever booked for the one wedding day. This way there is a professional photographer who will be there for you as backup in case of sickness etc and also to make sure we all have time off every few weeks to stay fresh and give our clients the best on their big day! All the bases are covered!

Will I meet with a sales person, or a photographer?
You will only ever meet with your own photographer. Getting to know our couples is an integral part of us creating wedding photographs that are personal to you both, as well as how you like to be photographed and what styles you like. If you are not meeting with YOUR photographer before as well as after your wedding day, how will you know what you are getting?